Dyson Cool AM07 Review – Attractive Tower Fan

Understated yet bold design of Dyson Cool AM07 obviously made it a fan what everyone wants to own. Very innovative construction allows it to move more air to give you cooling breeze to feel the touch of soft clouds around. Noiseless Dyson Cool surely a great buy if you want to spend more bucks than the usual one. Creating a new experience with better environment is the promise of this loving Cool AM07. Our experiment of that tower fan will discover in dyson cool am07 review write up.

dyson cool am07 review

We make it stand out on the cutting edge for it’s work which matches to it’s attitude towards futuristic appearance. How this fan can bring the difference to your present life and why it is always a pleasure to introduce it comparing to it’s rivals?

Dyson Cool AM07 Review: An Effective Tower Fan

What sort of cooling environment do you need, it doesn’t matter as Dyson Cool AM 07 will provide you the best air circulation at your place to make it cool entirely. The best positive option is here with it that you can adjust it’s speed using several speed adjustable functions so no matter if you need blowing power to slow breeze. In a word, it is so precise to it’s work that soon you will be in love soon after buying this.

For being a little pricey, if you want to switch your attention to other fancy products, be sure that all will not be able to carry out the functions properly in perfect way. Consider, some will be sufficient enough to get praised through it’s work but comes with loud noise then what’s the use of such noisy fan while you will not have sound sleep at all.So let’s check out how Dyson Cool AM 07 review may help you to find the best match for your home.

Relevant up gradation brings more suitability

The new upgraded Dyson Cool AM 07 are in the market with 60 percent quieter mood . So cooling freshness with tranquility can bring the peace of mind. Not only quieter mood is there to bring the smile on your face there is something more that you want. Yes it’s true as this time 10 percent energy efficient Dyson will obviously give you a little reason to smile.

Fresh and cool air all-time

This fan strongly circulates the air around so you will have the total control over your room. It takes the surrounding air I. and circulates it very interesting way to have fresh air all time. Avoiding suffocated surrounding is now a matter of pressing a button only. So hold out your hand for remote and press the buttons for the proper setting to grab the keys of your happiness.


This tiny little fan is a little over 39 inches high and it’s base is responsible for constant air flow. It comes with the measurements of only 4.4 by 7.5 inches which is easy enough to carry anywhere you want. Even it’s tiny construction made it suitable to place this Dyson Cool anywhere at you home. Even in the small 

Compartment, it will be suited easily without any worry.

All in touch

Want to have perfect air circulation? Then no worries as 10 different speed settings will allow you to adjust the speed at once. From slight breeze to stormy air, everything is there with Dyson Cool AM 07. To get noiseless charming breeze to cool your mind at night, select the lower speed which enable you to have sound sleep. But at higher speed, it makes a bit louder noise which is obviously okay with it’s function. 


Fortunately there is no LED lights so no disturbance during sleeping at night as some find the light very irritating to their bedroom. So it is good to have this Dyson Cool AM 07 at your place. Pre setting time option will give you chance to measure the time for how long your fan will be in action. This timer enables you to prefer the time in 15 minutes increment up to 9 hours. So shutting it down at early morning will never make any annoyance.

Another very impressive feature that everyone admires is it’s magnetic unit. While you will take the remote to it’s contact, soon it will stuck with the unit.

So there is merely a chance to lose your remote anywhere. Use it and keep it to right place for further uses.

Safe for children

As it doesn’t come with sturdy, fast spinning blade, so it is completely focused on securing delicate things or children from it. So if children are anywhere playing with anything, be sure that they will not get any harm by this dedicated serving fan. It is comparatively having less weight and tiny construction so no tables or no special place would be required to put them on. Just put it to a suitable position and be relax for enjoying your time without stressful feeling in mind.


As there is no panel on the fun itself so in reality remote control is the only  medium to operate the fan. For any type of changes in the mood you need to depend wholly on remote. Now think, run out of batteries or somehow broken or misplaced my bring hazard to use it properly. But the goodnews is that you can use it at least for the off and on button situated bottom of the unit.


  • Dimensions: 4.4 in×7.5 in×39.6 in
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Oscillating: yes
  • Battery requirement: no
  • Color: white/silver
  • Warranty: 2 year parts & labor warranty 
  • Advanced and noticeable look
  • Powerful and fresh air current provider
  • Moderately quiet brings the pleasure of using it
  • Easy cleaning option
  • Upgraded with 10 percent more energy efficient
  • No alternate of remote to use the fan
  • Pricey

Final words

Overall, Dyson Cool AM 07 is a futuristic device creating excellent experiences which seems magical to use for it’s air flow technology. Although it is hard to believe how accurately it works but surprisingly it is amazing to it’s given tasks. So the reason of paying for it, is quite okay.  However, Dyson Cool AM 07 can be your pick, if you are there to have great and fresh air all around.

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