Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Dissatisfied with your own meat staking, barbecue, grilling and boiling? Do you know what might be the preliminary reason behind this? It’s temperature! Yes, without ensuring a suitable temperature, you can never expect your meat to be mouth-watering. Therefore, you have no other alternative to have any of the best Bluetooth meat thermometer.

best bluetooth meat thermometer

Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

The thermometers’ official app not only introduces you to the temperature range for types of meat cooking but also allows you to have a complete control over the heating of your meat. Eventually what you get is really eye-soothing, smelly and appetizing. 

This is why today we introduce you to some of the all-time appreciated Bluetooth meat thermometers. Every of these are going to be a good exchange for your hard-toil money.

Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer

Weber iGrill 2 Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Extraordinary probes

Are your family members divided by the liking of different levels of steak doneness? Then, we guarantee you that Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer is going to be a host for itself for your family. 

The reason for which we are saying so is – the four probes of this best bluetooth meat thermometer. For each of these you are allowed to set an alarm individually. 

Besides, the probes are highly heat resistant, so can withstand up to 620-degree fahrenheit. Moreover, every of these are color coded, so you can identify the right one perfectly.

Large LED display

The large LED screen of the Weber iGrill 2 is another worth mentioning feature. The display first of all contains LED light so that you can have the temperature read amid darkness as well. It allows you to have the read either in celsius or in fahrenheit on the basis of your liking. 

In addition, there is a timer option in it that you can use to have the benefit of a microwave oven. Just set your time and forget, Weber iGrill 2 will take care of. 

Multiple uses

Besides being a bluetooth enabled smart thermometer Weber iGrill 2 can also be used as a standalone thermometer. While being used as a standalone thermometer it can show you the temperature read of your food. No, this one requires you not to associate the thermometer with any smart device.

Magnetic mounting

There will be no argument that mounting often sucks although it sounds to be easy. To take you out from this trouble-causing procedure, Weber iGrill 2 features a magnetic mounting system. Using it, you can stick the entire thing to your oven or metal made grill. 

If unfortunately neither of the things – grill and oven is made of metal, you can still stick the thermometer to any surface. To offer you this facility, the thermometer comes with a small circular magnet with adhesive on one side.

Fast and easy-to-understand

Unlike many other similar products, you can use this thermometer far easily with a self-explanatory navigation menu. Moreover, pairing it with any smart device through bluetooth takes less than one minute.

  • Allows you to set an alarm individually against every probe
  • Features color coded probes thus identification is easy
  • Provides with read either in celsius or in fahrenheit
  • Availability of a timer option
  • Usable as a standalone thermometer
  • Easy-to mount to any surface
  • Offers free downloadable app
  • Takes less than one minute to set a bluetooth connection
  • Comes with a self-explanatory navigation menu
  • Battery goes for 200 hours
  • Comes with a plastic probe wrap
  • No available way to save your cooks in the app for future reference

GrillEye GE0001 Thermometer

GrillEye GE0001 Thermometer

Six ports 

If you ask us what the best thing is about GrillEye GE0001 Thermometer then our straightforward answer will be – the six ports. Having curiosity to know the use of these? Actually, the ports are given for associating probes. With six ports you can associate six different probes to track the temperature of six steaks at a time. 

This is simply a blessing if you are to arrange a party of a large number of people. You are going to save a lot of your time. 

Pro-grade probes

Another reason for which we have enlisted GrillEye GE0001 as one of the best bluetooth meat thermometers is its pro-grade probes. The two probes that you will get for free are essentially made with space grade aluminium. This is why the FDA has certified the probes as highly safe with food.   

Reliable bluetooth connection

The bluetooth feature of GrillEye GE0001 gets connected to any smart device within less than a minute. This is time-saving although minimal. In addition, being connected with the thermometer, you can go up to 100m distance. Be sure of no disconnection issue and exact reading. 

Because of this addition you aren’t forced to be standstill at one place like a robot. Instead, you can walk around to do other work or to have fun.

Dual temperature display

Against every probe the thermometer presents you with dual temperature. One is of the current cooking temperature while the other is of your target temperature. You can have this facility directly from the thermometer screen without being connected to any smart device.

This is how you can understand easily when to stop cooking the meat and it’s time for serving.


GrillEye GE0001 comes with a large size handle. With it you can place the thermometer either on any horizontal surface or hang it over any vertical thing through a hook. 

  • Allows you to associate six different probes
  • Offers two FDA certified probes
  • Lets you go up to 100m distance with your device
  • Presents you with dual temperature – current and target
  • Features a large size handle to be placed
  • Provides you with the read of ambient temperature
  • Out of six probes, only two are offered for free

Maverick ET-735 Thermometer

Maverick ET-735 Thermometer

Highly functional probes

This Maverick ET-735 Thermometer lets you associate itself with four probes at a time to track the temperature of four steaks. These provide you with don’t only internal meat temperature but also with the read of ambient temperature. 

More interestingly, you can set different target temperatures against every probe. This helps you to make every one of your family satisfied. 

Super cool app

The thing that has crowned Maverick ET-735 with the badge of the best bluetooth meat thermometer is the super cool app.  Using the app you can do a lot of things:

  • Select rare, medium and well done cooking temperature for a large range of meats
  • Select your aiming temperature for each probe. You will have an alarm when the target temperature is reached. 
  • Decide whether to have the readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit. 
  • Set up count up or count down timers with alerts

Ace transmitting unit

In the transmitting unit, you will have a backlit display that comes on when you press a button. The unit runs with 2 AAA batteries which serves you for half a year at a stretch. Moreover, with the unit a clip comes to let the entire structure remain standstill on a flat surface or hung from a hook.

  • Provides you with both ambient and internal meat temperature
  • Lets you set different target temperatures against every probe
  • Both bluetooth and app within 160 meters
  • App offers you a bunch of cool facilities
  • Placement of the entire unit can be done simply with a clip
  • You are forced to buy the battery and two probes

Weber iGrill Mini  Thermometer

Weber iGrill Mini Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Highly heat resistant probe

A proverb goes that a host in oneself. That’s to say even after being alone surpassing others in quality. And, without any hesitation we assure you that Weber iGrill Mini is one such bluetooth meat thermometer. 

Although, it has got only one probe yet its heat resistant capability is really exemplary. The resistance is up to 716-degree fahrenheit. It means if you want your meat to be deep cooked, you really need this thermometer.

Smart LED

Now this is the thing for which we couldn’t avoid Weber iGrill listing as the best bluetooth meat thermometer. Unlike the transmission unit of many other similar products its working system is a bit different that is really cool. 

The unit shows you a smart LED with different colors as forecast on the basis of the doneness of your steak piece. Let’s check out every color with respective meaning.

Green: This color denotes the beginning of the heating up process.

Yellow: When the temperature is 15-degree away from your target temperature, this LED lights up.

Orange: It’s a signal of almost done. This LED lights up when the temperature is 5-degree away from your target temperature.

Red: Red LED confirms the doneness of your steak. It’s ready to be enjoyed.

Secure bluetooth connection

The bluetooth connection that is set up between your smart device and the thermometer is always secure. It’s never going to be disrupted unless you’re more than 100 meter away from the thermometer. 

Smart app facility

In case you aren’t comfortable with the bluetooth connection, you can have the official app of Weber iGrill. The app comes to you with a number of facilities for free of cost. What will you get in the app? Check out the list below.

  • Shows you the most suitable temperature for your meat type
  • Lets you choose from a variety of proteins
  • Allows you to preset and custom alarms of temperature
  • Availability of timer
  • Exact temperature monitoring

Long going battery

What’s the use of such a thermometer that is equipped with good features but has a short-time life? Having such a thing is nothing more than a waste of your hard-toil money. 

Taking the issue seriously, Weber iGrill has developed such a battery that is capable of serving you for 150-hours at a stretch. 

Magnetic base

To set up the entire thermometer, you don’t need to suffer a bit because of its powerful magnetic base. The base sticks to any metal securely enough not to fall down. 

  • Highly heat resistant capability
  • Shows coloring LED on the basis of your target temperature
  • Secure bluetooth connection within 100 meter
  • Offers bunch of smart app advantages
  • Comes with a powerful long-going battery
  • Sticks to any metal surface securely
  • Comes with a lengthy cord
  • Features only one probe

Inkbird IBT-2X-2 Thermometer

Inkbird IBT-2X-2 Thermometer

Versatile performer

This best bluetooth meat thermometer is a versatile performer. No matter what responsibility it gets – cooking, barbecue, grilling, oven, boiling, meat etc. be sure that it’s going to amaze you with every task. 

Accurate temperature reading

Inkbird IBT-2X-2 is one such best bluetooth meat thermometer that has got two stainless steel made calibrated probes. The probes are calibrated to within +-2F or +-1C and this ensures you an accurate temperature reading.

However, the temperature range between which the probes are recommended to be used is 32F to 572F or 0C to 300C for short-time measurement. On the contrary, for continuous monitoring the range is 32F to 482F or 0C to 250C.

Super performativity app

The ‘BBQ Go’ app connects you to the device and lets you change the settings of your cook. It lets you change the unit between C/F from the app. In addition, it allows you to create your own presets and alarms for notifying you when the desired temperature is achieved. In short, the app is simple and easy to use and can display both a numeric temperature readout or a timeline graph. 

Compact and easy

The main body of the thermometer is built with high quality plastic and it features only one switch. The plastic making makes the thermometer lightweight while the single button offers you a confusion-free use. Using the button you can switch on/off and switch between the probes. 

Highly compatible 

Inkbird IBT-2X-2 is a highly compatible bluetooth thermometer that you can associate with the following smart devices: iPhone 4S or later, iPad mini and later, iPad 3rd generation and later, iPod touch 5th generation and later and Android 4.4+ devices with bluetooth 4.0 module.

  • Compatible with a number of meat cooking tasks
  • Compatible with a wide range of smart devices
  • Highly compact and lightweight
  • Provides with an exact temperature reading
  • Availability of a super performative app
  • A bit expensive

Buying guide

To make the purchase of the best bluetooth meat thermometer, you have to make sure of the availability of the following things in your desired thermometer. 

Heat resistance: Your thermometer might have a single probe that’s not a concern at all. What is more important is its heat resistance capability. The more the capability is, the better it is for you. However, our recommended range is 32F to 572F or 0C to 300C.

Secure bluetooth connection: The bluetooth connection must be secure enough. It mustn’t disrupt when you’re within at least 50 meter range.

Accurate temperature reader: You’re making the purchase for having temperature reading and if it turns out to be incorrect then your buying has no meaning at all. So, try to check the reading before finalizing any thermometer.

Easy-to-place: You should go for either a magnetic based or clipped thermometer. Either of these is going to create a secure placement of the entire thing. 

Final words

In the end, we would like to say that the best bluetooth meat thermometer might not be impressive from outside but it must be fabulous from inside. And this should be the sole motto of you while making the purchase of your thermometer. Otherwise, you will end up having a glittering thermometer that will give you both false reading and unstable bluetooth connection. 

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