15 Cool Shower Accessories That Are Actually Useful

Want to make your shower taking and after shower preparation far easier and funnier? Then, you should have a set of cool shower accessories. Every accessory serves different purposes for you in a completely different way that is really awesome.

So, what are those accessories? See, there are innumerable of them. But, you don’t need them all at a time. Therefore, today, this article presents you only with the most needed shower accessories with respective use.

Cool shower accessories

It’s not obvious that all the accessories, we have listed below for you will come to your work. But, some of them might surely. Hence, stick to the end to get introduced to every of them.

Cool Shower Accessories

Interlocking drawer organizer

This organizer helps you store bathroom stuff – paste, toothbrush, comb, shampoo, razor etc. separately. You will find inner peace as your toothbrush and comb are not going to touch each other that is unhealthy.

More importantly, you will be able to find out any of the stuff far easily and quickly.


The prime use of a tube-wringer is – it makes sure that even the last tiny bit of your toothpaste is used. Isn’t it much rewarding!

In addition, the tube-wringer keeps your toothpaste upright. This gives your bathroom or the basin area a far tidier look.

Outlet shelf

Do you love enjoying song while taking your bath? Then, an outlet shelf is going to be a necessity for you. It lets you prop up your speaker securely.

One thing to be kept in mind while making the purchase is – the shelf’s size must be space-saving on the basis of your bathroom’s space.

Fog free shower mirror

Shower Mirror can fight back fog. For this what you need to do is – just hold the mirror under shower stream for a couple of seconds. The mirror will be able to equalize the temperature of water and air. Eventually, it will provide you with your fog free image.  

Towel bar

No, we are not talking about any type of towel bar rather wall-mountable and swiveling one. The bar can have any number of bar on the basis of your necessity. 

The bars are tough enough to hold heavy towels without any drooping or bowing.

Mini trash can

A mini trash can lets you store the bathroom garbage like shampoo’s packet, any empty pot or bottle of savlon or conditioner or shampoo,  label, discarded razor or toothbrush so that you can ditch them in the right time. 

Shower safety mat

This mat actually has a lightly-textured surface with numerous drainage holes for comparatively more stability and traction. 

As a result, you will find this square mat to be ant-slippery. Hence, no risk of falling down and getting injured for the children, elderly people and physically challenged one.

Over-the-door tools holder

Isn’t your bathroom large enough to place a tool rack or shelf? Then, this door holder is obviously for you. You can just hang it over your bathroom door to store certain things like comb, hair dryer, shampoo pot and many more things in a compact way. 

Jacuzzi tub

Tubs can be of various brands but a Jacuzzi tub is the father to all for the following reasons:

  • Hydro massage and air massage: Hydro massage is believed to be a kind of that stimulates blood circulation. At the same time, air massage produces air bubbles that relax both your joint pain and muscle constriction.
  • Leak and odor proof design: Jacuzzi tubs are manufactured with quality materials – high gloss white LUCITE acrylic and fiberglass. Thus, these can prevent leakage and foul smelling.

A set of three or four fast-drying towels

It’s always hygienic to have a set of three or four towels in your bathroom collection. You can use one for washing hands and face after every refreshment with water. Use another after taking a shower. And, if you are a girl then having a separate towel for drying your hair is a must.

Lighted wall mount makeup mirror

Your bathroom should be decorated with a special makeup mirror that offers you the following:

  • Precise magnification: Because of this you can see every single detail of your hair, eyebrow, eyelash, teeth and face. 
  • 360 degree swivel design: Most lighted makeup mirror comes with 360 degree swivel design. Because of this addition, you can use the mirror sitting at any position from any angle without moving a millimeter.  
  • Halo lighting: To give a clearer picture of you, some mirrors feature halo lighting. Whenever you switch on it light spreads everywhere around the mirror’s perimeter.   

Bamboo bath mat

A bamboo bath mat is more secure than that of a plastic, nylon or textile one. You can get it dried more easily and it lasts longer.

More importantly, a bamboo bath mat adds completely another level of artistic touch ti your bathroom decoration.

Shower caddy

To store your bathroom stuff like shampoo, conditioner and other things, you must have a wall-mounted or grounded rack or shelf. But, with a shower caddy you can make the storing funnier and more artistic. 

Simply, hang the caddy from the shower head and store as many things as you need.

Toilet plunger

Sometimes the water of your toilet may get stuck without any visible reason. In such a case, even the toilet flush fails to clear the water trough.

Therefore, having a plunger in collection is wise. It helps the stuck water pass by the trough removing the deterrent with strong flow of air. 

Bathtub caddy tray

This is a mind-blowing bathroom gadget that can be made of anything – wood, bamboo, steel etc. It helps you enjoy your bathtub along with your mobile, book, drink and other things.

Simply, place the tray over the tub and put your necessary things all over it.

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Final words

To sum up, the cool shower accessories make your shower taking and after-shower preparation funnier and easier. However, don’t purchase the accessories randomly rather thoughtfully on the basis of necessity and place them properly. Otherwise, your purpose won’t be served and the bathroom will look disorganized.

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