Best Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Lighted

Are you there to have the best wall mounted makeup mirror lighted? Then, you mustn’t be quick in your selection and buying. Instead, you must take time to make an extensive online research to find out the perfect match for you.

best wall mounted makeup mirror lighted

In case, you’re too busy or too lazy to do so then don’t take pressure buddy, we’re here for you. Just for your sake, we spent days online researching standard and cool mirrors. What we have found from the study follows below for you in detail.

Best wall mounted makeup mirrors lighted

While researching we found five makeup mirrors from five different companies to be outstanding. Therefore, in the following write up, we have presented the five with every single detail. You should go through the detail of every single mirror to find out the best perfect match.

Jerdon HL65N Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

Jerdon HL65N Wall Mount Makeup Mirror


The thing that will catch your sight at the earliest is its luxurious design. The mirror stands out with a modern structure where there is smoothness in every inch. Moreover, the mirror features a nickel finishing that is too glittering thus attractive. In short, your addition of this mirror to your room gives the room a complete touch of luxury that is found in luxurious hotel rooms and spas.

Precise magnification

Jerdon HL65N Wall Mount Makeup Mirror offers you the complete advantage of magnification. Therefore, you can enjoy 1* and 5* magnification as per your need. This enables you to see every single detail of your hair, eyebrow, eyelash, teeth and face. That’s to say there is no chance of flaw in your facial get up.

360 degree swivel design

This two sided circular mirror comes with the revolutionary 360 degree swivel design. Because of this addition, you can use the mirror sitting at any position from any angle without moving a millimeter. This design is simply perfect for both healthy and physically challenged people.

Fog free

Isn’t it disgusting that you look at the mirror and find that fog is all over it because of chilly weather? We know it is and therefore recommend this Jerdon HL65N that is completely fog free. This is why whenever you look at it, you will find only your sweet and cute face on it.

Halo lighting

To provide you with a clearer picture of you, the mirror features a system of halo lighting for you. Whenever you switch on it light spreads everywhere around the mirror’s perimeter.


As we have said earlier that this mirror has got a nickel finishing. The finishing hasn’t only provided it with a glittering outer wall but also durability. How? Well, the finishing is capable of fighting against condensation and moisture. This saves the overall quality of the mirror for a long time.


  • Comes with luxurious finishing
  • Useable from any position and angle
  • Offers precise magnification options
  • Easily wall-mountable with 14-inches extension
  • Completely fog free
  • Long going
  • Offers 1 year of warranty


  • Features a dim light, not LED

Excelvan Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

Excelvan Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

Wide compatibility

By the word compatibility, we mean that the mirror is suitable for a wide range of places. For example, it is usable in a makeup room, bathroom and hotel room. With its extraordinary structure and mind-blowing chrome finishing, the mirrors suits every place.

Wide usability

Besides being compatible, Excelvan Wall Mount Makeup Mirror is highly usable as well. You can use it not only for wearing makeup but also for dressing-up and shaving. With its 8-inches of diameter and 10* magnification capability, the mirror presents you with a detail and clear picture of every inch of your hair, beard, moustache, teeth and skin.

Epoch-making swivel design

The 360-degree swivel design of the mirror enables you to move the mirrors position and angle as per your needs. As a result, you don’t need to change your own position over and again.

Extend-able arm

Just like the swivel design, it’s also a revolutionary design. Because of this addition, you can extend the mirror’s arm up to 12-inches. That’s to say you don’t need to move a bit to enjoy the mirror’s service completely.

Fog free

Fog is a name of disgustion for its regular users. Taking the issue seriously, the manufacturer has produced Excelvan in such a way and with such ingredients that you won’t be facing this issue anymore.


We know that there are many who find the mirror installation to be hectic. If you’re one of them, then we do assure you that the installation of Excelvan Wall Mount Makeup Mirror is too easy. The mirror comes with a complete screw fixing. Thus, there leaves very little for you to do.

Brass material

One of the main reasons of our listing Excelvan as one of the best wall mounted makeup mirrors lighted is brass material. The material is completely rust-free and anti-corrosive. Therefore, you get service from the mirror for a long time.


  • Widely compatible and usable
  • Comes with revolutionary 360-degree swivel design
  • Allows you to extend the arm up to 12-inches
  • Completely fog free
  • Needs comparatively less hassle to be installed
  • Made with quality and long-going materials


  • Very few users find the 10* magnification to be excessive

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Conair Wall Mount Lighted Makeup Mirror

Conair Wall Mount Lighted Makeup Mirror

Oil-rubbed finish

Conair Makeup Mirror is one of the fewest in the sense that it comes with an oil-rubbed finish. The finish doesn’t only appear to be highly attractive but also suitable for decor of any color. This is obviously a positive side to increase the beauty of your room.

Multiple viewing options

The mirror features two sided circular mirrors. One mirror features 1* magnification for true viewing. On the other hand, the other mirror has 8* magnification for a closer view of your face parts and hair. The 8* magnification allows you to have a completely flawless view of your makeup thus you can correct the flaws easily.

Brilliant swivel design

Conair Wall Mount Lighted Makeup Mirror provides you with a 360-degree swivel design. This design lets you change the mirror’s direction to any angle you want without moving yourself an inch.

Extendable arm

In addition to the swivel design, the design of the arm is also marvelous. You can extend the arm up to 13-inches. That’s to say to use the mirror, it’s not mandatory for you to be too close to its installation place.

Fog free view

What’s the use of having a brilliantly designed mirror that mirrors you obscurely? This is why having a mirror of fog free quality is a must. And, no doubt Conair Makeup Mirror is one of those.

Nice lighting

How come that you’re buying the best wall mounted makeup mirrors lighted and it doesn’t have a lighting option? However, in this mirror, you will have an ace lighting option that lightens the perimeter of the mirror.


  • Suitable for decor of any color
  • Features two sided circular mirrors with different magnification
  • Presents with a fog free view
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with brilliant swivel and extendable arm design
  • Made of quality materials
  • Offers a complete 1 year of warranty


  • Power of the light is low

Hamilton Hills Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

Wide Compatibility

This is a commercial grade mirror that you can set in any place with perfection. For example, if you want to use the mirror at home environment – bedroom or bathroom, you can obviously. Again, if you want to set the mirror at luxurious or commercial places like luxury boutique hotels and 5-star hotels, this will be marvelous too.

Resistant to fingerprints and scratches

You must have seen some mirrors that become scratchy and full of fingerprints just after someday of use. Such a mirror brings disadvantage for you in two ways. First of all, you need to mop the surface with a clean rag to see the face clearly. Secondly, such a mirror ruins the beauty of the room where it is set.

However, to your utter surprise you will find Hamilton Hills Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror to be highly resistant to fingerprints and scratches. And, this is one of the main reasons for our inclusion of it as the best wall mounted makeup mirror lighted.


Are you a design freak person? Then, there is no doubt that Hamilton Hills is the mirror you have been looking for. The mirror essentially is polished with stainless steel and is available with traditional, contemporary, transitional, deco, shabby chic and eclectic design. Moreover, the mirror has got no frame. That’s to say besides being designary it’s simple as well.

Swivel and tilt design

Unlike many other mirrors, this Hamilton Hills offers you both tilting and swiveling features. You can swivel the mirror at an 1800-degree angle and tilt at a 90-degree angle. The swiveling feature helps you use the mirror in your own comfortable position.

On the contrary, the tilting feature lets you preserve the mirror from any front hit. In addition, by tilting the mirror, you can use it from a standing position.

3-times magnification

To allow you to have a clear and satisfactorily close view of your skin and hair, the mirror comes with a 3-times magnification facility. This is why whenever you get ready sitting before it, your makeup remains flawless.


The entire structure or the basis of the mirror is made of stainless steel that is highly tough. Besides, stainless steel doesn’t react with water and air, that means it’s rust-free. So, no doubt that the structure is going to serve you for a long time.


  • Matches the standard of luxury places
  • Resistant to fingerprints and scratches
  • Available in wide variety of designs
  • Provides with both swiveling and tilting facilities
  • Offers 3-times magnification
  • Both the structure and mirror are long-going
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee


  • Features one-side mirror

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DecoBros Swivel Wall Mount Mirror

DecoBros Swivel Wall Mount Mirror

Nickel finishing

If you ask us the reason for the inclusion of DecoBros Swivel Wall Mount Mirror as the best wall mounted makeup mirror lighted then the answer you’ll get is – the finishing of Nickel. The finishing benefits you in two broad ways.

First of all, it imposes an attractive look upon the entire structure. Besides, it assures you a long-time service as Nickel is non-reactive with air and water.

Simple design

If you are a person who wants everything in a simple design then DecoBros swivel wall mount mirror is for you. Yes, the mirror contains a simple sleek and smooth design that’s going to snatch away your heart at first sight.

Two-sided mirror

DecoBros is basically a two-sided mirror. One mirror features normal magnification for normal everyday use. On the other hand, the other mirror features 7* magnification for makeup.

The 7* magnification side gives you a clean and clear view of your face and hair. Every single millimeter becomes visible to you. Thus, whatever makeup you wear appears to be infallible.

360-degree swivel design

Because of this swivel design you can use the mirror from any angle you want or need. Be sure that you don’t need to move an inch to use the mirror.

Extendable arm

Just like the swivel design, it’s another mind-blowing feature of DecoBros. Using the addition, you can extend the mirror arm up to 13.5-inches. That’s to say you can use the mirror from quite far away.


  • Ensures long-time service
  • Comes with a simple yet standard design
  • Availability of two-sided mirror
  • Offers both 360-degree swivel design and arm extension


  • Can’t resist fingerprints and scratches

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Buying guide

Want to buy the best wall mounted makeup mirror lighted with your hard-toil money? Then, it’s never wise for you to avoid this buying guide section where you will have a complete guideline from the pros.

However, make sure that the mirror you’re making the purchase offers you the following features and benefits.

Material Used

The structure of your mirror must contain any of the following materials: nickel or stainless steel. Both the materials are not only non-reactive to air and water thus long-going but also glittering and smooth enough to look posh.


The mirror must have 3* magnification at least. Without this minimum magnification, you won’t be able to have a clear detail of your skin and hair.


Without a swiveling feature, your makeup time will turn into a disgusting experience. Therefore, it is a must that you can swivel the mirror at least at a 180-degree angle.

The rest of things – design, extension of arm, two or one sided mirror and lighting depend on your choice or necessity.

Final Words

To sum up, your buying of the best wall mounted makeup mirror lighted isn’t an easy task at all. For this, you must have a sound knowledge of the pros and cons of a standard mirror. Therefore, we recommend you not to sweat the lot, rather make the purchase of any of the mirrors we just presented. We guarantee that any of these is going to be a satisfactory exchange for your hard-toil money and trust.

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