Does Elliptical Help Lose Belly Fat

Does elliptical help lose belly fat – is a question asked by many of the depressed persons whose nice and stout outfit is simply ruined by a bulge of belly fat. 

To be straightforward, there is no concrete answer to the question like – yes or no. Instead, the fact is that the output is completely dependent upon your proper doing of the workout with an elliptical. 

Therefore, today, this write up presents you with the detail of using an elliptical machine from first to last. We aver you if you can follow every of the steps meticulously then your dream  of having a fat-free belly is going to be true very soon.

Does elliptical help lose belly fat?

Are you a new user of the elliptical machine? No worries, our detailing gives you a vivid picture of how to use an elliptical for beginners. Here we go!

Does Elliptical Help Lose Belly Fat

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Correct the body position

Step on to the machine, sit comfortably and place the feet on the pedals. And, here comes the trick. 

You cannot place the feet in any way, rather the placement must be scientific. So, how to do that? Let’s give you a detail of it.

Usually, you will find the pedals to be larger than your feet size. Place every of the feet squarely in the middle of every pedal. Keep in mind that the inside of your feet and that of the pedals must be in parallel.

In case of handlebars you will have two options – one is static and another is moving. 

Don’t use the moving one in the beginning phase. Instead have a secure grip  of the static handlebar to settle yourself securely. Keep using the static handlebars  as long as you don’t get tired with the feet movement.

Why not to use the moving handlebar at this phase? Actually, your use of this handlebar can increase your workout intensity as you pull and push the pedals. This eventually will make you tired prematurely. 

Workout properly

  • As you start moving the feet forward, make sure that your knees are bent slightly. Remember that your locking of the knees can make your pedaling tough.
  • While pedaling your feet will assume an oval shaped track. However, you should reverse the feet movement after some time to pedal backward.
  • Keep pushing and pulling the pedals in time with your legs. But, don’t push and pull with the same side foot and arm at the same time. For example, when your left arm moves forward, not the left leg, rather the right foot must come forward. 
  • Always maintain an upright posture. Your chest must be out while the shoulders must be pulled back and down harmoniously. 
  • As soon as you start feeling comfortable with your position on the elliptical, you should boost up the pace. The quicker you pedal, the more amount of fat will burn inside your belly. 
  • Are you much comfortable with the pace? Do you find the pacing to be less tiresome? Then, you should increase the resistance level gradually to throw a tougher challenge to yourself. The harder you feel to run the pedals, the more the fat will blast inside the belly.

Intensify the workout

Intensifying your workout is a must if you feel the desperate urge to get rid of the ugly shaped belly that is full of fat. If the workout is too easy, actually you’re not on the right track and not going to make much progress that you expect.

Therefore, as your fitness level keeps increasing, we strongly recommend you to increase the intensity of your elliptical workout, not suddenly obviously, rather gradually. So, here follow some tips from our part for you that you can take into consideration to intensify your workout effectively. 

  • Interval training is a great way to boost your elliptical workout level in a sustainable way. This one is completely opposite to the steady-state cardio in which you stick to maintaining a constant heart rate. On the contrary, during an interval training session your heart rate keeps varying.
  • Alternating between the period of intense effort and the period of recovery will help you escalate your heart rate higher and burn more calories than that of a steady-state workout session. The most engrossing fact about interval training is that it will help you burn more calories taking comparatively less duration.
  • So, how to do interval training to get the best output of it? Here follows a single example for you:

When you are warmed up after an as usual elliptical workout, start pedaling. Do the pedaling at a moderate resistance and hold on to doing it for 30 seconds to 2 minutes at a stretch. 

Reduce your pedaling pace after this time is over. Now, do the pedaling exercise with the slower pace for the same amount of time.

Continue to alternate between high intensity and recovery for the duration of your workout. Don’t forget to end your workout with a five to 10-minute cool down.


  • It is always wise to put on a special gym outfit for an elliptical workout. This will enable you to correct the body position.
  • While undergoing interval training, you must not continue the high intensity session for more than 2 minutes. Remember that haste makes waste. That’s to say, your reckless passion will lead to depression causing injury.
  • Try to do some sort of cardio workout either on your elliptical or following any other cross training process. Every session must be between 30 and 60 minutes.
  • Prevent yourself from taking food that contains a high amount of fat, salt and sugar. Otherwise, you will never have your dreamt belly, no matter how hard workout you do with your elliptical machine.
  • After a complete session of interval training, it’s very normal to have pain in the joints and muscles. Avoid taking any pain killer medicine as long as you can sustain. Otherwise, consult an expert.

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Final words

To sum up, not only elliptical but also no other gym machine is going to help you lose belly fat if you can’t workout with that in the exact way. So, whenever in future anyone asks you – does elliptical help lose belly fat, let him or her know this vital fact from our part. Otherwise, that person will keep wasting his or her money, energy and time without having any result effectively. 

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