Osaki OS-4000 Review: A Piece of Goodness

Want to have a sophisticated relaxing chair? Then start reading this Osaki OS-4000 review to find the fruitful solution of your need. Actually, We all look for a state of deep relaxation by a chair which will pay keen attention to your health with advanced technology. However, creating better feeling of mimic touch of Osaki will surely give you the pleasure of extreme closeness of human warm hands. 

Osaki OS-4000 review

Easily adjustable speed and intensity making it super ready to give a better sensational massage.  Even body scan technology added more comfortable feelings for  acquiring the best feeling of massage. If you are thinking to have one then this article on Osaki OS-4000 review may help you to find the best matches.

Osaki OS-4000 review

A wide range of great features which specially designed to suit your need and preference. So fitness enthusiastic may be enchanted by it’s quality but in some cases they may have more exception like other streamlined products. To find the right relaxing chair, let’s start discussion with each nook and cranny.


What are the features that a relaxing chair need to have , all you will find in OS-4000. Definitely these extraordinary quality made it super ready to be the best among all other chairs present in market. Osaki has paid a neat attention to the need of potential buyers so various intelligent massage methods are performed by microcomputer are there to control all the operation in the correct order. To know more about the features preciously before buying this please read the Osaki OS-4000 owner’s manual.

Tremendous design

Design plays a great influence on your massage. It ensures the correct curvature in the chair that matches to your spine particular to your lumber area which is essential expected to be called a great chair indeed. So obviously this curvature is a proper indication to have an effective massage.

Zero gravity technology

There’s a lot of chance to make your body completely relax. To do so zero gravity technology introduces almost no pressure on user spine making them feel weightlessness which in return comes as blessing by correcting spinal alignment. Even to boost the lung capacity and to lower the stress of heart, it plays very essential actions.  So you can’t overlook this option while searching for something unique and helpful.

Body scanning technology

Osaki is what can understand you without telling anything and this only because of computer body scanning system. To make your massage effective, the rollers scan the entire body prior your massage. So it suited to everyone in any body-type. So in which shape or size you are in, it doesn’t matter at all, as cutting edge technology will be there to make the better adjustment according to your need.

Advanced airbag technology

To make the massage more natural, this Osaki OS-4000 is having a special mechanism which is functioned to lessen the number of airbag during  maximizing the amount of surface space. This gives the better and natural massage in each cases. Even twin rollers are appointed to produce the sensational touch.


Controllers of Osaki OS-4000 have made the way possible to browse the different options of massage without any hassle. To have the control over the chair, there are main remote services. Furthermore wireless remote service has widen the opportunity while you are in reclining mood. So no tension for the controller as you can have many options to control your chair.

  • Relaxing hip and shoulder air massage
  • Zero gravity technology proving less stress on spine
  • Five speed levels
  • Creating vibration during massage
  • Able to provide automatic massages including healthcare, relax, therapy, smart, circulation and demo
  • Calf rest is adjustable
  • S-track design to match the curvature of the lumber area
  • Entire body massage
  • Bady scan technology
  • Creating mimic sensation of human touch
  • Relieving muscular fatigue
  • Width is adjustable according to shape and size of the user
  • Color variation available
  • Large and heavy
  • Consume space
  • Function to work for 30 minutes at a time
  • Sometimes, massages from Osaki OS-4000 can be intensive but this is noticed in rare cases

Products specifications

Dimensions: 52L x 31W x 34H (inches).
Upright: 47″(l)×32″(w)×47″(h).
Reclining: 76″(l)×32″(w)× 47″(h).
Weight: 205 lbs.
Power: 150w.
Voltage: 110-120.

For whom Osaki is for?

It is really appreciated for those who are searching for a chair for regular use. Continue use of this high end product for long term may help you to heal  from pain and ache. As per our discussion, it contains a lots of functions so there will be varieties on massages. Take time and keep exploring the features to create a new  feeling every time.

Luxuries associated with great qualities is keeping this chair at the front row of stardom in fantastic massage chair world. So it is ideal for you, if you are the one searching for the long term treatment having enough time to indulged in the features.

For whom Osaki is not for?

Although it is great in every way possible but due to sheer number of reasons, it is not best for the basic or occasional user. Actually it will never able to meet their desire for it’s price and often they will find it unnecessarily complex. 

As Osaki OS-4000 lacks  a massage feature so it is highly recommend for younger user. However if  you have desire to let your loving children to use it then please stay away from buying this product.

Final words

There is no doubt that Osaki OS-4000 review help you to select the best option by discussing on this best rated massage chair present in market. It contains all features that you expect from the high end models so you can listed this Osaki on your preference list to get the best relaxing and sensitive massage.

Although other streamlined products may be there to your shortlist but for sure you will be charmed by the extravagant look of Osaki and its versatility on works. 

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