Are massage cushions good for you?

Are massage cushions good for you? If they really are, then to which extent they might be good for you? 

These are the questions that have been in our brain for a long time. And, finally we launched a study along with health experts and therapists to list the most promising aspects of massage cushions.

So, by this time you must already have understood what today’s write up is about. Let’s take you deep down it!

Are massage cushions good for you?

Are massage cushions good for you?

To be straightforward, massage cushions leave tremendous effects on your overall health. Therefore, you mustn’t miss any of the points follow below for the sake of your own health at least. 

Relieves back pain

Are you a back pain sufferer? Then, a massage cushion is going to be a great blessing for you.

How? You know a massage cushion comes with in-built mechanical rollers. The purpose is to provide you with acupressure massage therapy. This therapy includes kneading and application of pressure for triggering points of your back. This results in your relief of stress and pain in the back side muscles.

Apart from everyday common back pain, if you are a patient of severe back pain, the cushion can also deal with that smoothly. 

How does the magic occur? Actually, the cushion boosts up the flow of blood and energy of your spine. Moreover, your body’s natural pain killing hormone named endorphins is scaled up dramatically by the massage.

Relaxes neck and shoulder

Sometimes you may feel a bit pain or tiredness in your neck and shoulder for which there is no specific medicine. And, if there is any, it’s always better to stay away from that without a doctor’s prescription.

In that confusing situation, a massage cushion can relax your pain or tiredness or lethargic feeling without any side effect.

The rollers of your cushion are capable of covering a full high intensity shoulder massage. At the beginning, the rollers work on your neck and then go down slowly to your shoulder. 

Here, one vital point for you is that not every massage cushion features rollers. While purchasing, you must make sure that your one contains rollers.

Takes care of lower body

Does your everyday job require you to keep sitting on the chair for a long duration? Then, your lower limbs also require some healing massage to work animatedly. 

And, for the lower body parts, every massage cushion has an integrated motor. The movement of this motor is a fabulous solution to heal your exhaustion in the lower back and legs.

Intensifies the healing effect

Along with the rollers, a massage cushion comes with infrared light points. The ray that comes out of these points is highly able to go deep into your tissues and muscles. 

This serves two important purposes. First of all, the underlying tension of the muscles and the tissues are released. Then, the healing effect of your muscles and tissues multiplies.

Relieves spondylitis pain

In case you don’t know what spondylitis is – it’s a sort of arthritis whose effects – wearing out of spine discs, loosening of ligaments and growth of bony spurs are more visible and intolerable after the mid age of a person. 

The most pathetic fact is – at that age the pain tolerance of a person and pain killing hormone production reduce comprehensively.

Therefore, to fight back the upcoming unexpected yet unavoidable sufferings, you must take acupuncture massage of a massage cushion regularly. The massage can get advanced relief for you by reducing pressure on your spine discs and vertebrae.

Reduces the risk of vascular disease

We know it’s quite difficult for you to believe in this power of cushion massage. Whatever your belief is, we just want to ensure you that a massage cushion’s massage or therapy can reach up to the blood vessels of your body, which are deep down your skin and flesh. 

In this way, the blood vessels of your body are always in control and the risk of vascular disease is dragged down.

Cuts out stress

A study shows that every year thousands of people die from over stress. And with the passage of time, this death rate will keep going up. Therefore, the health experts always suggest physical exercise that has the potentiality to lessen stress magically.

But, in the busy capitalist world, very little amount of time or literally no time is available for physical exercise. If you are also such a busy person unfortunately, then the massage of a massage cushion can be a great alternative for you. 

Improves posture

The posture that you take while sitting or sleeping might not be inherently natural to your body. The reason is – the muscles of some of the parts of your body are tight and don’t tend to be flexible automatically.

The massage therapy of a massage cushion can loosen all tighten up muscles of your body parts. Eventually, you get a natural posture every time, which is naturally good for health.

Drags down headache

Headaches can occur for a variety of reasons and two of the most common reasons are tension and migraine. 

According to the specialists, both types of headaches are less likely to occur when you take massage of a massage cushion. This is because the massage triggers points and decreases muscle spasms. 

Tips to be considered

  • Before making the purchase of your massage cushion, you must have a talk to your massage therapist or chiropractor or doctor to learn what type of massage cushion will be better for you.
  • Buy a cushion that is highly featured. Never sacrifice quality to cost.
  • Avoid using the cushion for more than three times a week
  • All the massage cushions are not for every person. So, by reading the product detail and instructions, you must make sure that it’s the cushion made for you.

Final words

Not all the massage cushions are suitable for you, but still there are massage cushions good for you undoubtedly. However, you mustn’t continue to use a cushion if you feel like it is causing pain to you. You shouldn’t even purchase it if your doctor or therapist forbids.

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