DHP emily futon couch bed review 2021

Do you live in a one bedroom apartment that doesn’t have a guest room? So, do you want to have a couch that you can turn into a bed for your random guests? Okay, then this article is obviously for you where you will be introduced to such a modern couch named DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed.

dhp emily futon couch bed

This is basically a small size linen-made couch that allows you to convert it to a bed within seconds. This is why the couch is an ideal choice for your small cottage to be fit. Besides, its linen-made appearance adds a new dimension to the beauty of your room.

So, why to miss the review of such exciting furniture? Keep following us to check it out from top to bottom.

Features of DHP emily futon couch bed

  1. Versatile
  2. Comfortable
  3. Silent
  4. Standard measurement
  5. Healthy mattress
  6. Stylish
  7. Easy cleaning

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Once you are at the end of this single section, you cannot but address the couch as a genius or versatile.

The main point is that you can give the couch three different shapes as per your needs or comfort. First of all, you can convert it to a semi bed + semi sofa. Then, you can lower the entire back unto halfway. This will give you a feel like you are on a recliner. Besides, you can convert the couch to a completely flatbed to rest your tired body. 

So, what do you think? Are there so many couches that can meet these three usual everyday requirements? We challenge you there may be such couches but the number is little and the price is high.

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If you are going to use the couch as a couch simply, it will offer you a tall backrest. As the seat is sufficiently deep, you can enjoy a comfortable lean. Besides, the bed doesn’t give you a sudden awkward bump as you lie on it.

Moreover, the couch both in its natural couch shape and converted bed shape offers you enough space to relax after your mind. In short, you can lounge all over the bed with neck and back support.

This is how the couch doesn’t only offer you a temporary relaxation. Instead, it makes sure that your body gets relaxation in a medically approved way not to be attacked with pain.


Do you know there are convertible couches that make noise while being converted? Have you seen something like that? If you have then you can understand how this DHP couch frees you from that curse. However, let’s get back to the main point.

Actually, the DHP Emily futon couch bed features a special mechanism that you can address as silencer. The mechanism clogs the couch joints to produce unnecessary noise when you break them. As a result, you won’t even hear the ‘creak’ sound coming out of the joints.

Standard measurement

The overall dimensions of the couch are 45 x 36 x 13-inches that is perfect for a small size room. However, it’s not the most vital thing of this section. Instead, the most important fact is that the couch sits quite closer to the ground. 

This is why you feel more comfortable when you’re on it. Moreover, your little kid can climb it easily without any risk of falling down hard and getting hurt. Furthermore, just below the couch seat, there is sufficient space for your little pet to sleep or relax.

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Healthy mattress

The DHP couch unlike many other couches doesn’t come with soft mattress that sags too much and too early. Instead, the couch comes with a firm mattress upon what you can keep sitting for hours at a stretch. Be sure that the mattress isn’t going to sag a bit and force you to replace it soon.

Most importantly, soft mattress is often forbidden by the doctors to avoid severe sine problem. Although, the firmness of the mattress of this couch may give you an uncomfortable feeling after hours, yet you will be out of the risk of being attacked with spine issue.


Besides offering you service in such an outstanding way, DHP couch gives you and your guests a super cool look. Yes, you cannot help but fall in love with its squared tufted design. Although the tufting of it appears to be simple yet adds elegance to the overall look.

Moreover, the chrome-made legs of the couch aren’t fit in a conventional way. Instead, the legs six legs are fit following the ultramodern technology and with unique shape. Therefore, the couch doesn’t only appear to be cooler but also more durable.

O, while talking about legs, we must mention it that the legs are tough enough to bear up to 600-pounds. Most interestingly, as the legs contain chrome, these don’t corrode away like iron. So, you can be assured of prolonged service of those.

Easy cleaning

You must be aware of the fact that linen is an easy-to-clean stuff. Didn’t you know it? Okay, then you just come to know of it, right?

However, to keep your couch clean what you need to do is – mop the couch surface with a wet towel. Simply wet? No, the towel must be wet with soap water. And, most importantly, don’t get the towel so wet that it causes damage to linen. So, you better squeeze the towel after dipping it into the soap-water.

After you mop the surface, leave it to dry up naturally.

Here, one more important matter that you mustn’t forget is that never use strong chemicals for cleaning. This will cause permanent damage to linen.

  • Compatible with three different shapes
  • Doesn’t give you a sudden awkward bump as you lie on it
  • Offers you enough space to relax
  • Relaxes body in a medically approved way
  • Clogs the joints to produce unnecessary noise
  • Features a healthy firm mattress
  • Can bear up to 600-pounds
  • Comes with a stylish appearance
  • Very easy-to-clean
  • A bit heavy

Final words

To sup up, this DHP Emily futon couch bed is going to surprise you from head and shoulder. Its smart appearance and comfort will shove you into a deep obsession with it. In another way, it’s going to be one of the best deals of your life.

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