REVLON Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

REVLON Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa is an amazing product of REVLON that doesn’t only relax your feet but also benefits you in many other ways. Among the benefits, there are improvement of blood circulation, reduction of migraine problem and depression, lowering of blood pressure, healing of ankle and foot injuries. 

Dr. Scholl's Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

Finding the foot spa such resourceful, we couldn’t keep sitting idly. Instead, we spent weeks to analyze the pros and cons of it. What we found from the analysis will be sharing with you in this article so that you don’t miss being introduced to such an epoch-making everyday gadget. 

Findings of REVLON Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa 

For your better understanding of the foot spa, we have divided the entire write up into several sections. Among the sections, there will be features, using method, pros and cons. Here we go!


  1. Complete foot cleaning solution
  2. Smart heating system
  3. Shaves corns and calluses
  4. Reflexology technique
  5. Hydrates your skin
  6. Reduces the suffering of some diseases
  7. Spacious

Complete foot cleaning solution

This Scholl foot spa comes with a pedicure set consisting of five different tools for different purposes. Among the tools, there are toe separator, nail clipper and nail brush. You can use the items to keep the nails polished and clean and the feet soft. 

One thing that you must conform to here is – cleaning each of the items properly after every use. If you don’t do so then the leftover will born harmful fungus and bacteria. So, whenever you will be using the tools in the next time, you have a chance of getting attacked with fungus or bacteria borne skin disease. 

Smart heating system

Unlike many other foot spas, in this foot spa you will have a smart water heating heater. It keeps your water either piping hot or at the temperature with which you feel comfortable. 

Shaves corns and calluses

You must be familiar with corns and calluses, one of the vital skin diseases that hardens the skin of particular body parts. But, the disease is mostly identified in the feet area. 

If you have got some parts of your feet skin like this then you should never look for a solution with razor. Don’t use a razor to cut off the hard skin parts as the razor cannot do anything more than raising the risk of bacteria or fungus infection. 

So, what should you do? Don’t worry at all if you have REVLON Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa in your collection. The spa features an effective pumice stone that shaves off corns and calluses maintaining 100% safety. 

Remember that you won’t get satisfactory or literally no output just by rubbing the feet against the stone. For this, you first must keep the feet dipped into warm water of the spa basin.

Reflexology technique

Besides, this foot spa comes with a roller massager that works following reflexology technique to vanish your ache and pain. 

The massager makes sure that application of pressure is equal all over the feet. It pressurizes over your feet firmly yet in a gentle manner so that you don’t find it to be painful. 

Hydrates your skin

The spa besides soothing the muscles of your feet hydrates your skin as well. In this way, the spa relieves you from pain and uncomfortable feeling that you get from long-distance walking, standing for hours and wearing unfit shoes. 

Reduces the suffering of some diseases

Are you someone who has been a poor sufferer of headache, insomnia, dizziness, chronic fatigue? Then, a regular use of this REVLON foot spa is a must for you. Yes, it’s a proven fact that this foot spa is able to lessen the sufferings of the mentioned diseases considerably.

Additionally, using this foot spa can even relieve you from the cursed sufferings of some of the internal diseases. Among the diseases, there are high blood pressure, heart, kidney and liver disease. 

You may find this particular feature segment to be a bit or completely bogus. We respect your thinking! But, at the same time, we humbly request you not to reach a final conclusion about this foot spa before using it regularly.


There are many foot spas that cannot room your foot if it’s too large let alone feet side-by-side. Such a foot spa is a total waste of money. Taking the issue seriously, this REVLON foot spa has been developed in such a way that you can place your feet inside it side-by-side, no matter how large the feet are. 

How to use the spa effectively?

Step 1: Pour water into the basin. Are you in a hurry? Then, pour hot water instead of cold or room temperature. Don’t worry your water isn’t going to be cold till 20-minutes. This duration is more than enough for enjoying a quality foot spa. 

Step 2: Dip your foot or feet down into the water. The rolling massager is in the middle section of the water basin. Roll the massager to have relief from the tension of heels and arches.

Step 3: Is there any dead or hard skin over your feet? Use the pumice stone to scrub off that type of skin. 

Step 4: You can clean and prepare your nails making the best use of the pedicure set items.

Step 5: Want to paint the nails? Then, use the toe-separators from the pedicure set.

  • Maintains the water temperature.
  • Features comfortable roller.
  • Perfect size for large feet.
  • Helps gets rid of dead and hard skin.
  • Lets you use essential oils and bath salts.
  • Produces bubble for increasing your soothing feel.
  • Very few users find the water basin to be a bit shallow
  • Heating up of water takes few minutes

Final words

To sum up, REVLON Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa is a revolutionary creation of REVLON. The foot spa doesn’t only provide you with a short time relaxation but also help you get relief from many painful diseases. From this perspective, you can address it as a blessing from REVLON. 

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