Ecosmart ECO 36 review

Do you belong to the coldest place in the world where a day without a water heater is impossible? For people like you here we dedicate the Ecosmart ECO 36 review. This will lead you to the detail of a superior quality water heater that has been developed especially for the chilliest places.

Ecosmart ECO 36 review

Ecosmart ECO 36 review

The Ecosmart ECO 36 water heater is out and away better than many other traditional heaters in terms of quality, longevity and flexibility. Let’s explore the heater in detail. 


  1. Wall-mountable
  2. Easy installation
  3. Hot water supply in large volume
  4. Digital temperature control
  5. Energy saving
  6. Time saving
  7. Mind-blowing look
  8. Durable
  9. No noise


The greatest benefit of having a tankless water heater is – wall-mounting. Heaters like Ecosmart ECO 36 come with compact dimensions and are lightweight. As a result, you can easily mount it on the wall saving a lot of space of your floor.

However, the dimensions of Ecosmart are 17 x 19 x 3.8 inches and it weighs 17.4 pounds. Because of these you can even change the mounting location frequently without seeking help from anyone else.

Easy installation

Are you concerned thinking about the installation afflictions in advance? We assure you that you don’t need to be concerned at all about this matter. Be sure that the installation is going to be both easy and time-saving. What you need to do follows below:

Firstly, remove the cover. Inside you will find the units organizedly assembled with screws. Just one thing is left for you that is – wiring. Yes, you just need to do wiring in three specific points. To find out the points faster, we recommend you to go through the user manual once.   

Hot water supply in large volume

Are you from one of the coldest places of the world? Then, Ecosmart ECO 36 is going to be a great blessing for you. How?

Actually, the heater is developed keeping the high demand of water supply in the core of consideration. Therefore, you will find it to be highly capable of handling up to 6-gallons of water per minute if you belong to the southern part. That’s to say you can run 4-showers and 2-sinks at a time without any disruption of water supply. 

But, if you’re from the northern part the heater can supply you with 3.5-gallons of hot water per minute. It means that you can run 2-showers at a time.  

Digital temperature control

You know there are heaters, which don’t let you increase or decrease the temperature rate at the increment of 1-degree rather 2 or 3-degree. This is completely rubbish in the sense that you can never have water at the temperature you expect or need. You have to either have excessively heated water and cool that down or have comparatively less heated water. 

But, this is a much delightable fact that Ecosmart ECO 36 allows you to control the temperature at the increment of 1-degree. Between 80-degree F and 140-degree F you can set the temperature at any scale. 

Energy saving

It’s very natural that as a user you will be concerned about the electric bill and you will look for something less power-consuming. For users like you, we feel much delighted to say that Ecosmart is one of the rarest water heaters whose energy saving rate is 99.8%. 

No, we’re not hoaxing you to coax you for the time being. Instead, we’re telling you the truth that we’ve learnt from its users.  Whatever, this is how the heater is going to save a handsome amount of your electric bill. 

Time saving

No, this Ecosmart water heater isn’t only energy saving but also time saving gadget. What we have learnt from its current users is that the heater heats up water of any volume at any temperature scale within the shortest possible time they have ever experienced with any other heater. 

So, if you’re a busy person who can hardly spend time on minor things, EcosmartECO 36 should be your first priority. 

Mind-blowing look

You must have heard the proverb – the first impression is the last impression. Keeping the proverb in mind, the designer and manufacturer together have given the heater a cool look. The exterior color combination and compact design will snatch away your heart at first sight. 

Most importantly, the heater acts as a room beautifier as well. It adds a new dimension to the beauty of the room where it’s installed. 


The manufacturer of EcosmartECO 36 is fully determined to offer you not only a satisfactory but also a long time service. Therefore, they haven’t remained focused on water volume, heating, energy, look and mounting only. Along with these they put much importance on the material used to manufacture the entire machine.

This is why you get the machine as a combination of copper, stainless steel and grade one plastic. All these things are resistant to water and heat thus long-going.

No noise

Very few numbers of users have a common complaint that their water heater produces noise. We believe that the noise isn’t that much intense rather subtle and it is sustainable. But, then if you’re such a kind of fastidious user who expects silence from everything EcosmartECO 36 is here for you. 

The heater has been developed with such advanced technology machinery parts that you won’t have to tolerate a pip sound even.

  • Easily wall-mountable saving a lot of space of your floor
  • Easy and time-saving installation
  • Handles up to 6-gallons of water per minute if you’re from southern part
  • Handles up to 3.5-gallons of water per minute if you’re from northern part
  • Allows you to control the temperature at the increment of 1-degree
  • Features 80-degree F to 140-degree F temperature scale
  • Saves energy up to 99.8%
  • Takes the shortest possible time to heat up water of any volume
  • Comes with a cool look
  • Manufactured with long-going machinery parts
  • Produces literally no sound
  • Offers lifetime warranty for residential use
  • GPM may fluctuate depending on location and external water temperatures

Final words

Finally, we hope that you have found the Ecosmart ECO 36 review to be highly informative. We guarantee you that not a single info presented is exaggerated. At the same time, we believe that as soon as you start using the heater you will give it five points out of five. 

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