Honeywell 50250 S Review

Day by day the air pollution level is crossing all limits. Amid such a disastrous situation breathing in fresh air and leading a healthy life are far tough. Therefore, it’s wise to have an air purifier in your room to breathe in fresh air at least when you’re at home. Now, here arises a question – can you have any type and brand of air purifier? No, you must have a certified and quality purifier to enjoy all the expected benefits. How does such an ideal air purifier look like? To find the answer kindly scan the following Honeywell 50250 S review thoroughly.

Honeywell 50250 S review

Honeywell 50250 S review

For your better understanding of the air purifier, we divided the entire article into several sections. Among the sections, there will be features, pros and cons. Here we go!

Honeywell 50250 S Features

  1. Higher CADR
  2. Large coverage area
  3. 360-degree design
  4. Brilliant HEPA filter
  5. Easy filter cleaning
  6. Extraordinary carbon filter
  7. Variation of fan speed
  8. Reasonable sound
  9. Standard size and weight

Higher CADR

In case you don’t know what CADR is, it’s the measurement of an air purifier’s effective delivery of pure air. According to the long-time users, as a new buyer you must consider it seriously. And the way of your judgment of CADR is the rating of three vital things, which are the basis of an air purifier. 

The higher the rating is, the better it is for you. Keeping the fact in serious consideration, Honeywell 50250 has been developed with an average of 250 rating for smoke, dust and pollen. Hence, the air you get from it is more purified and healthy for you.

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Large coverage area

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, shortly known as AHAM has certified that Honeywell 50250 is efficient enough to cover a room of 390 sq. ft. So, you can set the purifier not only in your bedroom but also in a large hall room.

Honeywell 50250 S 360-degree design

We feel much delighted to let you know that Honeywell 50250 is one of the rarest air purifiers, which comes with 360-degree air flow design. That’s to say the purifier delivers air not from a particular way rather from all around it. As a result, the air of your room becomes purified very soon and not a single inch lacks pure air.  

Brilliant HEPA filter

There is no doubt that filter is the most important part of an air purifier and if it’s HEPA then it’s time of celebration. Why? Because, HEPA filter is the only recommended filter of the health specialists. 

However, the glass fiber HEPA filter that this Honeywell model includes can absorb up to 99.7% of air particles. Even if the particles are as tiny as 0.3 microns, the filter won’t fail in its mission. 

Easy filter cleaning

Another exciting feature of the HEPA filter is that you can vacuum up its dust. This increases the overall performativity and longevity of the purifier, which is user-friendly and cost-effective.

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But, the question is how you will know the exact time of cleaning? Will you keep guessing? Will you take out the filter every now and then to check? The answer is simple – no, you won’t have to do any of these. Instead, what you just need to do is – keep an eye on the Intelli-Check™ Electronic Filter Indicator. The indicator will show you when to clean the filter. 

Extraordinary carbon filter

Isn’t getting more for the same cost interesting? We guess every single person in the world feels much excited about it and you’re not an exception. 

To give you this kind of excitement, along with the HEPA filter Honeywell 50250 comes with a carbon activated pre-filter. This on is highly capable of capturing large dust, lint and fur particles. And most importantly, the filter minuses the common household stink to a great extent.

Variation of fan speed

In the purifier you will get three different options for controlling fan speed. The speed variations are – low, medium and high. You can choose any one as per the requirements. 

What are requirements here? Well, in this case, you must notice the heaviness of the air in your room, level of odor and dust all around. The more you feel the presence of these, the higher the fan speed must be.

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One more thing or you can say one more benefit of the variation of speed lies in the power consumption. You can set the fan speed to low or medium if you want to pay less electricity bill.

Honeywell 50250 S Reasonable sound

There is literally no air purifier that doesn’t produce less or more sound. The more sound a purifier produces, the more disgusting it will become to you gradually. Sometimes, the sound issue reaches to such a height that you would be afraid of switching on the purifier.

But, fortunately our recommended air purifier shoves you to no such affliction. Although, it also produces noise yet you can’t feel it unless your ear is very close to it.

Standard size and weight

Honeywell 50250 even after containing such potentialities doesn’t come in a gigantic size and excessive weight. Instead, the size is standard enough to place the purifier any cramped place. You can even carry the purifier with you easily because of the dimensions and weight.

This is how wherever you go, you can breathe in pure air and remain healthy.

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How to clean the HEPA filter systematically?

You may be unaware of the process of cleaning up a HEPA filter methodically or might be too lazy to scan the manual. Therefore, here we provide you with the systematic cleaning process of the filter.

  1. Use a vacuum to suck up the dust stored on the filter.
  2. Dip it into either soap or detergent water
  3. Scrub all over it but very lightly
  4. Hold it under a running water tap 
  5. Take a clean rag piece to wipe off water
  6. Leave the filter unused for maximum 2 days
  • Comes with 250 CADR rating for smoke, dust and pollen
  • Covers a room of 390 sq. ft.
  • Comes with 360-degree air flow design
  • Absorbs up to 99.7% of air particles ranging 0.3 microns
  • Highly capable of capturing large dust, lint and fur particles
  • Features Intelli-Check™ Electronic Filter Indicator
  • Offers three speed variations – low, medium and high
  • Produces minimum level of noise
  • Manufactured with standard size and weight
  • Filter replacement is costly

Final words

Finally, we hope that the Honeywell 50250 S review will help you in many ways. It hasn’t only introduced you to one of the best quality air purifiers but also provided you with many clues. Keeping the clues in mind, you can check the quality of every air purifier before making the final purchase. But, we guarantee that you aren’t going to get a better substitution for Honeywell 50250 S.  

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