Moen S6320 Velocity Two Function Rainshower

A bath is always refreshing and if you take it with Moen S6320 Velocity Two Function Rainshower, it becomes more pleasing. The showerhead from Moen is developed in such a way that its water flow is always balanced. It sprays water so smoothly that you will feel like being touched by a lump of soft feather and cotton.

Moen S6320 Velocity Two Function Rainshower

In addition, the classic design and glittering surface of it add a new dimension to the beauty of your bathroom. Most importantly, it’s one of the rarest showerheads that is eco-friendly thus good both for you and nature.

The rainshower is so marvellous that a single intro is not going to be enough for its presentation. This is why we are going to present you with its mind-blowing features and pros along with cons in detail. As a fancy and environment-conscious person, you mustn’t miss the write up not only for your own use but also for recommendation to others. 

Review of Moen S6320 Velocity Two Function Rainshower

Wide spraying area

A showerhead with minimum space capturing diameter is just a waste of money. It just makes your head wet well while most of the parts of your body remain untouched or partially by water.

If you have been going through this issue with your current showerhead then time has come you replace it with Moen to see the difference. This Moen rainshower showerhead has a diameter of 8-inches with 100 well-planned nozzles. With such a huge diameter and comprehensive nozzles, the waterhead covers a large space. This helps you complete taking your bath within the shortest possible time.

Immersion technology

Do you know how the majority of the rain showers store water inside the waterhead? In case you don’t know, the answer is – gravity. You must learn fact that only gravity is not okay for water storage. 

Actually, it’s a highly inefficient method that results in lousy and wilting water stream with lower pressure. Therefore, you will find this type of rain shower to be absolutely incompetent in rinsing and cleansing your body. 

Keeping this fact in the core of consideration, the manufacturer of this Moen S6320 has equipped it with immersion technology. The technology makes sure that the water flow is balanced and associates pressure sufficiently. Ultimately, you end up having a bath that swoons your tired body. 

Two easily adjustable spray modes

Everything has a signature feature that promotes it in the best possible way. If you ask us what the signature feature of this Moen rain shower is then our first answer will be – two spray modes. The spray modes that it features are : rain shower full spray mode and concentrated high-pressure rinse. Let’s give you a detail against each of the modes.

Rain shower full spray mode: Who doesn’t like having a bath in the rain after a hectic day? We believe that almost all the tired persons of the world will love it and you’re not an exception. For people like you this rain shower full spray mode is simply a blessing. How?

Well, the spray mode sprays water all over you just like the falling of rain. The dripping and sound of water take you through a live experience of rain. It’s highly satisfying both for body and mind.

Concentrated high-pressure rinse: This spray mode allows you to block water flow from half of the nozzles. Don’t worry about water pressure, it’s going to be the same. What’s the necessity of this addition?

Well, the basic purpose of this addition is to allow you to rinse the dirt from your body with high consistency. You can keep cleaning the body slowly without wasting water in a large volume. 

The last point of this section is that changing the spray mode is super easy. You just need to flip a lever to switch between the modes.

Great build with great quality materials

What’s the use of having a marvelously performing rain shower that has a short longevity? Isn’t it going to be a waste of money? We know it’s obviously and the manufacturer of Moen is also aware of this.   

Therefore, you will find this chrome-colored rain shower to be built with brass and metal basically. These are highly durable and resistant to water. So, there is literally no scope of the rain shower’s to wear out so soon. Again, its nozzles are of flexible rubber so doesn’t have any chance of getting ripped. 

Two easy mounting options

Unlike many other typical rain showers, Moen S6320 is settable both to the wall and ceiling. You should set it to the ceiling to enjoy a straight water flow. On the contrary, mounting it on the wall provides you with an angled water supply. 

Feel concerned for the mounting process? Don’t be because both mounting processes are super easy and take standard duration. To learn more of the processes, you should scan the manual.

Eco and user-friendly

You might feel surprised thinking how a rain shower can be eco-friendly. We assure you that it’s possible and Moen is an ideal example of that. Actually, this rain shower is designed and developed in such a way that it although sprays water with high pressure yet doesn’t let an excess volume of water be sprayed. 

This controlled spraying of water doesn’t only do good for the environment but also for you as it saves your water bill considerably.

  • Helps you complete bath within the shortest possible time
  • Provides with balanced water flow with sufficient pressure
  • Comes with two easily adjustable spray modes
  • Offers easy cleaning facility
  • Proven to be both eco and user friendly
  • Comes with two easy mounting options
  • Features quality materials thus long-going
  • Quite expensive

Final words

To sum up, if you are a fancy person who wants to have the touch of elegance in everything you possess then you must have Moen S6320 Velocity Two Function Rainshower in your collection. It won’t only make your bath more comfortable but also give your bathroom an artistic look. 

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